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{YML Voices} The Real Baggage Of Being A Young, Single Mother

Read my recent guest post featured on theyoungmommylife.com about the social stigmas young, single mothers often have to endure.

The following is an excerpt from the article, titled “Social Stigmas: The Real Baggage of Being a Young, Single Mother”:

 Being 22 with a 4-year-old, I try not to internalize the things I read. But some of the stuff just makes me cringe as I think of all the single mothers, who have enough on their plate already, having to go through their everyday lives carrying the baggage of such negative perceptions about them, and facing the world with insecurities.

The stereotypes and judgments of those with the “holier-than-thou” attitude are detrimentally oppressive. Though I’m aware that some of the criticism may ring true for some women, generalizations are never okay. There are single mothers that are beautiful, capable, and individualistic–and they need to believe this in order to continue to be an asset to themselves, their children, and the world.

Be sure to check out the full article and the other great blogs on the site!

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