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Rain Men in the Line of Duty


Image by Rebecca Siegel

I awoke to the pitter patter of rain drops, forcefully splattering themselves onto the glass of my bedroom window. And all I could imagine was these raindrops as little tiny soldiers, obediently executing the given mission, prepared to destroy their life in the name of honor and duty. They fall from the sky like a stealthy air assault, become a weapon aimed at the target, and just do it – without hesitation, without restriction, without afterthought.

And what’s their given mission? To wake me up, of course. To stir me from my sleep, to greet me with another day that feels almost exactly like the last one. Or two, or three, or four.

Such honorable little rain soldiers. And yet, here I am, still in bed. Awake, yes, with coffee in hand. My mind is racing with all the missions I have been given, all the things I need to accomplish. Yet why must I greet this execution with so much resistance? And, honestly, how self-centered of me. The rain men woke me up so that I could wake up, breathe in life, and act.

I look through the open blinds of my window, and I see life in abundance despite the dreary gray and somber sky that lids our part of the world. Birds are out there soaring, trees are rhythmically swaying, and all I can see is green.

Green, green grass blankets the backyard and the field across. I imagine all the little lives that thrive in the grass that is their home. And I imagine all the life that this grass helps to produce and sustain.

But, why is it so green out there? Lord knows I don’t take the time to water the lawn.

And then it dawns on me. The little rain men give life to the grass by parachuting down from the sky, free falling to their destruction. Only to them, it’s not destruction. They are committing a duty, a mission for the greater good of Earth. They are destroying their own water bodies to sustain the green source that serves as home, shelter, and nutrition that so many lives rely on.

Today, a battalion of those little rain soldiers had a different mission – they sacrificed valuable rain lives that could feed the grass, and took a detour towards my window instead. Their mission was to wake me up from my slumber, so that I can contribute to the world – not just my world, but the world.

And how dare I waste those little guys’ efforts. I better get to work.

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