I’m Angelica.

An adult, a mother, a graduate student, a literature lover, a 90s child, an over-analyzer, a deep thinker, a people watcher, an introvert with never-ending thoughts, a life learner.

I belong to today, but my heart is in the 19th century. I’ve called many places home, from Colorado to Texas to Tennessee. And I’ll never stop dreaming of the U.K. until I’m breathing in the English moors.

But in a world full of labels, I’m really just another human being, created from dust, shaped by the past, and stumbling along amongst the chaos, trying to make sense of this life.

Oh, and I like to write.


One thought on “ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    I really loved that last line a lot. Looking forward to more of your posts! – Cezane

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